Computer Servicing of Organisations

Contemporary world is impossible without information technologies. Moreover, today, the majority of computer equipment and informational systems work in business sphere. However, any computers require servicing and overall technical support. The more complicated the equipment and technologies used are, the higher professionalism of IT specialists should be.

Maintenance of own stuff of IT specialists or even one universal "specialist", servicing your computers, computers network and equipment, may appear to be either very expensive for you, or uequal to the quality of their work and source of you permanent «headache», related with hiring them, change, indiscipline, holidays, studying and constant failures in network. In such cases, as a rule, it is more favorably to fully reassign the office equipment to the specialized company, focusing on own main profile business.

What will your company get:

  • information system and IT processes audit;
  • guaranteed quality of IT services;
  • stably working programmes and always working computer equipment;
  • on-the-fly technical problems elimination and prevention on your territory or by means of the remote access;
  • considerable cutting of expenses for the personnel and IT infrastructure;
  • permanent control of the information systems condition, recommendations on increasing the productivity, durability and security.

Our Company will provide you with complex computer service. It means, that you can hire the entire IT department for dribblet, and it will be able to promote your company to fundamentally higher level. We understand client's aims, and provide not only high-quality support and individual approach to your Company servicing, but we also offer the ways of development, which will help your Company to perform its mission.

We can confirm quality of our services by long-term work experience, knowledge, and recommendations of our clients.

Logic Land offers the following services for ensuring continuous operation of computer equipment:

  1. Determination of the optimal completeness, order and delivery of computers.

    Bundling of the computer equipment is determined along with the customer, according to their needs. The most optimal variant is chosen, as for the price and quality and with taking into account the perspectives of modernization and further use of the computer equipment for new tasks.

  2. Providing with the warranty and post-warranty service. Computers maintenance.

    During the warranty period, in case of any fault condition, we define its reason, take defective computer, repair or change it, setup the repaired computer back on the working place, and make sure in workability of the system along with the customer. We may grant our computers for the period of repair works for capacity of work. In the warranty period, all transport costs and other expenses are are paid by us. After the warranty period termination, we continue servicing your computer equipment in one of two ways, chosen by the customer: either by means of nonrecurring agreements, or in case of necessity, or at a continuous agreement. In the second case, except of the necessary repairs, we do safety works every month.



Кам'янець-Подільський Онлайн
За сприяння нашої компанії розроблено та запущено сайт Кам'янець-Подільський онлайн.
Сайт створено з метою забезпечити доступ до найсвіжішої та найактуальнішої інформації про місто жителів та гостей нашого міста. Кожен бажаючий має можливість додавати власні статті, коментарі, фотографії, оголошення.
Також в рамках цього проекту розроблено каталог підприємств та установ міста, де кожен може зареєструвати своє підприємстово чи установу де він працює. В каталогу є можливість додавати різні файли, що стосуються підприємств, наприклад фотографії, прайси, рекламу.
Сподіваємось, що сайт Кам'янець-Подільський онлайн стане для Вас джерелом нової інформації, та ресурсом де можна знайти найбільш повну інформацію про життя міста.