«Zridzhenyi Gaz» (Liquefied Gas) is the liquefied gas supply accounting system.

«Zridzhenyi Gaz» complex is assigned for the gas service providers and and similar independent enterprises, which supply the citizens with liquefied gas. By means of the «Zridzhenyi Gaz» complex such tasks of the liquefied gas supply can be solved:
  • keeping records of delivering on each consumer;
  • extra charges adoption from every creditor;
  • work with consumers upon different reduced extra charges;
  • delivery planning;
  • delivery control.


Tools and technologies:SqlAnywhere, CentruraTeamDeveloper
Customer: Khmelnytsk GAZ (Khmelnytsk's GAS)


Поновлення до “1С:Підприємство 7.7” стають платними. Час переходити на “1С:Підприємство 8.2”.
Поновлення до “1С:Підприємство 7.7” стають платними. Час переходити на “1С:Підприємство 8.2”

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