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Today, website creation is not a luxury any more, it is an important tool for bussiness foundation. Creation and further support of the internet sites is one of the branches of our activities. While creating the site, it is necessary to determine, what kind of a site will match your bussiness, and what it should be aimed to. The website is a tool, with aid of which a company fully represents itself and its services.

Webpage of the Recreation Center Podillia in Sataniv Town

The web-site introduces the health resort, which is situated in the picturesque corner of Podillia with mineral water. CMS Joomla 1.5 was used for its creation. It is created using template, which utilizes basic SEO-technologies was specially optimized for the search engines.

Оздоровчий комплекс Поділля

The Vivat Building Company

Alternate design of the building company website, which was developed for the popular content management system Joomla!


Cafe and Restaurant “Pid Bramoyu”

The web-site’s design reflects the atmosphere and spirit of this pleasant place, which is situated in the tourist heart of the historic city, and decorated in the folklore style with samples of knightly arms. You can review the menu, interior and exterior of the cafe and share your thoughts at the forum.

Під брамою

Kamyanets’-Podil’s’kyi Business Directory

The dynamic directory is built on the base of Ruby on Rails technology. The design utilizes Web 2.0 style.

Каталог підприємств

Gala-Hotel Hotel Complex

It presents a unique design using such advanced technologies as CSS and JavaScript with some elements realized by means of Flash.


Fort Worth Association of Professional Landmen

The web-site is equipped with a specially developed for customer component. It is designed for maintenance and payment of meeting and workshops for Association of Professional Landmen. Joomla CMS module is created by means of the PHP programming language utilizing AJAX technology.


Superior Rex

The air-conditioning equipment manufacturer’s web-site presents a product catalogue. Google Maps API is used to visualize the affiliated companies’ addresses.

Superior Rex

Garant Real-estate Agency

The component for maintaining real estate purchase and sale database is developed on the Joomla! based content management system.


Free Software Collection

The web-site represents a collection of the Open Source software, capable to fully substitute the most popular similar payware.

Open Soft CD

Kamyanets’-Podil’s’kyi Avtoagregatnyi (Assembling) Plant

The web-site contains the plant’s product catalogue, which is implemented on the specially designed component.

Автоагрегатний завод

Financial Investment Alliance

The Financial Investment Alliance’s web-site contains a lot of information, concerning new energy-efficient technologies.

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Cайт оздоровчого комплексу "Поділля", Сатанів
Cайт оздоровчого комплексу

Завершено розробку сайту оздоровчого комплексу "Поділля". Оздоровчий санаторій знаходиться в містечку Сатанів понад річкою Збруч, на території заповідника "Подільські Товтри".

Чисте повітря, помірний клімат, лагідність і професіоналізм обслуговуючого персоналу створюють неповторні умови для відпочинку та оздоровлення.

На сайті оздоровчого комлексу "Поділля" розміщено інформацію про лікування, умови відпочинку, ціни та послуги. До уваги відвідувачів фотографії з чудовими краєвидами Сатанова та контактна інформація комплексу "Поділля".

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