Software Deployment and Support

  "1C:Buhgalteriya 7.7"(1C:Book-keeping 7.7) - is a universal program of mass assignment for accounting and taxation automation, including preparation of required (regulated) accounting.

      It’s a ready to use solution for accounting in the organisations, dealing with different kinds of commerce:

  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • commission business;
  • services rendering;
  • manufacture etc.

    Today, more than 700,000 organisations use products, based on the 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platform, for their work automation. Our specialists do all jobs package, related with accounting automation in the enterprise. We have a significant experience in successful implementations of 1C:Enterprise 7.7 platforms at the manufacturing firms, and in the wholesale and retail trade. We render services in training users to work with these software products, help customers to setup programmes according to their specific needs, take part in getting specific results. If required, we setup programmes for realization of the accounting peculiarities of certain customer. We have sufficient experience in the 1C software complex installation and support, we install it on various manufacturing, agricultural and motor transport enterprises, including trading and budgetary organizations. Before «1С» software products purchasing, we along with a customer вместе с заказчиком determine, which kind of configuration, according to its functionality meets certain customer’s needs, and will have an acceptable price simultaneously.
        Management and business accounting automation is our specialization.

1С services:

  • installation;
  • setup;
  • adjustment;
  • 1C distribution;
  • programming and modules creation.

1C software maintenance:

  • update;
  • new reports and versions;
  • training.



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