Logic Land provides a wide range of software development and system integration services. The company is aimed at establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relations with partners. Logic Land offers its clients services that increase effectiveness and stability of their business.

We provide the following kinds of services:

  1. Software development design administration, that includes:
    • Cooperative  problem definition, including functional specifications;
    • Software development using the best technologies;
    • Deployment and personnel education.
  2. Technological consulting in the field of:
    • Distributed software systems;
    • Software systems integration;
    • Databases systems;
    • Content management systems for Web;
    • Unix-like operation systems.
  3. Technical audit.
  4. Technical infrastructure maintenance.

We implement the turnkey solutions, from technical design to deploying into commercial operation and maintenance. For successful project management our company applies the up-to-date methodology, that regulates order of activities, obligations and responsibilites distribution, quality control, and risk management. An individual team of qualified specialists with required comptence is formed for every project.

Typical box solutions for the enterprises'  work automation, which are offered in the software market, usually do not correspond with the needs of a specific company and render all features of their business and peculiarities of their work conditions. Very often, a unique hardware-software complex creation, that includes all peculiarities of business processes, is the most appropriate, cheap and effective solution. Possessing a large software-development package and technological components, Logic Land company offers the whole complex of such services as investigation, designing, development and deployment of the custom software systems according to the customer requirements.



Cайт оздоровчого комплексу "Поділля", Сатанів
Cайт оздоровчого комплексу

Завершено розробку сайту оздоровчого комплексу "Поділля". Оздоровчий санаторій знаходиться в містечку Сатанів понад річкою Збруч, на території заповідника "Подільські Товтри".

Чисте повітря, помірний клімат, лагідність і професіоналізм обслуговуючого персоналу створюють неповторні умови для відпочинку та оздоровлення.

На сайті оздоровчого комлексу "Поділля" розміщено інформацію про лікування, умови відпочинку, ціни та послуги. До уваги відвідувачів фотографії з чудовими краєвидами Сатанова та контактна інформація комплексу "Поділля".

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